World Cup fever has risen in Qatar. One of the most popular football leagues’ fans and sports bettors is anticipating an exciting season with increased competition. The FIFA 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar this year, the first Middle Eastern country to host one.

The World Cup will be more competitive than ever with BC.GAME. As a sponsor, the Argentine Football Association officially recognizes the crypto casino platform. BC.GAME intends to support Argentina’s national team in its upcoming matches.

Brand-new Tesla Giveaway and more

Win a brand-new, gleaming Tesla and additional prizes from Coco’s Carnival event’s page! The giveaway runs from 30 November until 10 December 2022.

Throughout this year’s World Cup, BC.GAME is running promotions for its players. Enjoy earning World Cup Coins with each wager and participating in the Prize Pool of up to $2,100,000! The greater CUP or World Cup coins you have, the better the prizes awaits you!

The BC.GAME and AFA Partnership

The international partnership agreement between these major companies will enable crypto-casino players and fans to experience cryptocurrency’s perks and the thrill of live football matches. Each brand is dedicated to generating income on both ends.

The partnership will provide fans and sports bettors with an exciting 2022 FIFA World Cup experience while also assisting the crypto-gambling platform in reaching a larger global audience.

In addition to the World Cup, the collaboration will focus on the highly anticipated leagues wherein AFA will compete. Their collaboration with the 2022 Crypto Casino is a chance for fans and sports bettors to embrace the cryptocurrency’s emerging industry this year.

How can I enter the Giveaway?

It’s easy. Go to the event’s page here:

Select the “Join Now” button and complete each segmentation task to join the giveaway events and prize pools.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the page, as those are straightforward instructions for you to win. Note that there are qualifications. Try not to violate any of the terms and conditions set by BC.GAME.

For the $100,00 prediction event, the player’s predictions must be correct to win a giveaway of the prize pool. If several players correctly predict the same outcome, the prize money will be split equally. The game allows only one player per home to participate. Multiple requests or participants with combo wagers will be disallowed from the promotion.GAME’s guidelines.

How do I claim my Prize if I win?

1. If you are the lucky Shit Link winner, your reward will be automatically deposited into your BC account in only five (5) business days after the final result of the draw.

2. If you win an iPhone 14, free travel expenses, $2.1M cash, or a shining Tesla, BC.GAME support would then contact you with prize collection information.

Want to know more about BC.GAME?

In addition to the aforementioned awards, BC.GAME remains its growth and partnerships to offer its users the best possible experience. Now, the AFA, or Argentine Football Association, has formalized a partnership with BC.GAME.

It has been five years since the website’s founding, and a Curacao operating license has been granted. This casino platform offers participants access to the perks of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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