It is an online casino with each and every game found on land based casino. The quality of graphics and sound is very good at blue magic casino. The blue magic casinos have a highly educated and a technical staff to guide its user. It also provides large number of online bonus offer.

Online casinos are also known as internet casino or virtual casino. They are online version of the traditional casino. Review of slot crazy casino allows the players to play casino games on the internet.

Online casinos present odds and benefits percentages that are similar to traditional casinos. A number of online casinos declare higher profit percentages for slot machine games, and some print profit percentage assessment on their websites. Assuming that the online casino is making use of a suitably planned random number generator, board games like blackjack have a well-known house edge. The profit percentage for these games is recognized by the set of laws of the game.

Many online rent or buy their software from companies like Micro gaming, RTG etc.

Types of online casino

On the basis of interface casino can be divided into two broad categories. Web based casino and download only casinos are two types of casino. Some of the casino offers both types of interfaces.

Some casino provide with a facility of live gaming. In live online gaming there are real dealers in casino studio. In game such as roulette and blackjack the real dealers are present so that the player feels like they are in reality in some land based casino. All the actions of the player are transmitted to the real dealer.

Web based online casino

In a web based online casino people can play casino games online. They cannot download the game on their computer or laptop sets. Games are represented in browser plug-in. Every browser should necessarily have that plug-in. also a bandwidth is required because all the high definition graphics, sounds and animations are loaded through the internet with help of plug-in. some casino allow the player to play the game with a simple HTML interface also. Apple devices cannot play flash games because this technology is not supported by Apple.

Download based online casino

Download based online casino need the download of the software before the player can play online casino games and do betting. This software which is downloaded connects with service provider and handles the contact without the support of the browser. Download based casino have an advantage over the web based casino. Download based casino are faster. They are faster because they do not need graphic, animation and sound to be loaded through plug-in. All of the programs are located within the software. The initial downloading and installation program takes a lot of times when we are dealing with download based online casino. Another advantage of download based online casino over web based online casino is that the sound and the graphic quality of download based casino are very much better. The problem with download based online casino is that as we are downloading it through internet the risk of virus is more.

Try it and feel the difference!!

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