As a beginner at an online casino, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the grandeur of the whole experience. Whether online or offline, it is common for casinos to push the boat out to impress and perhaps intimidate players, and this often works. Casinos make money from people losing games, and it’s in their interest to ensure that players lose more often. While the games themselves are designed to give the “house” an edge, there is no doubt that they are happy to enhance that edge by increasing the likelihood of players making mistakes.

It’s inevitable that you will, from time to time, make the wrong decision while playing casino games. We’re all human, so we get it wrong sometimes. But there are some mistakes that are relatively easy to avoid when you know how to. Picking a casino from represents the start of a journey with that casino, and it is a good idea to start on as powerful a footing as you can when it comes to trying to beat the house. The following mistakes will prevent you from doing that, so let’s check what to avoid.

Not using every bonus you can

We’ll be clear about one thing right away: casino bonuses are rarely as good as they initially look, especially when you read the terms and conditions. But they are still bonuses. They are still ways of making bets without funding them yourself. And while there may be hurdles to cross before you can cash out the money you win, the fact is that you’ll still have won money, and done it without having to bankroll yourself. As the old saying goes, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You may not make a fortune from these bonuses, but you can make some money and that’s a net gain – not something you’ll do all that often at a casino.

Not checking for a licence

If you use a reliable source to research your chosen online casino, then you’re likely going to find that they have done the groundwork for you here and will mention that the casino is licensed by a respected authority. In case they haven’t, it’s something you should always check for yourself. A casino with a licence has skin in the game; if they mistreat customers or do anything wrong, they can lose that licence or be fined. It’s in their interest to do right by you, something unlicensed casinos don’t need to worry about. So if the casino doesn’t have a licence, leave it well alone.

Passing up the free games

Free games don’t allow you to win money, so you may wonder what the point of them is. The answer is simple: they allow you to get a feel for, and an understanding of, the game you’re playing. Some people claim that demo games are fixed to win more often and give a false impression of how likely it is that you’ll win when you’re playing for money. This runs counter to every fully researched review of demo games, but even if it were true, the fact is that by playing demo games you’ll gain familiarity with the actual game, and be better at controlling it when you play for real.

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