For the uninitiated, bingo may seem to either be the biggest waste of time or the easiest game to play at an online casino. Sure, there are other games that are more cerebral, including blackjack and any version of poker, and yes, there are more than a few people who look down on bingo. For some people, the idea of finding a casino through, and then playing bingo once you get there might seem stupid. In truth, it’s probably fine to let them continue to think that, because players who know how to accumulate little advantages are always going to be in the best position to win at online bingo.

You can’t always win at bingo – that’s the first thing everyone should already know. Unless you have devised a way to ensure that the right balls are drawn at the right time, you’re in with much the same chance as everyone else. If you have devised that method, please enjoy it until you are very swiftly banned by the online casino. For the rest of us, a few gentle pieces of advice will come in very useful. You’ll find those below, and we invite you to put them to the best use possible.

Pick your moment

The time of day, and indeed the day of the week, is relevant when you’re playing bingo. It’s not that the cards or balls are any different, or the jackpots any higher. It’s just simple mathematics. The fewer people there are around to claim a jackpot, the greater your chances are of being the one who does claim it. People are less likely to be playing early in the morning, late in the afternoon, and after midnight. Plan your playing sessions to be around those times and you’re more likely to grab a jackpot.

Use the social aspect

Bingo is one of the more social games at an online casino, and you can chat with fellow players at many sites. This is good because they can actually become good friends if you play the same games at the same times. Better yet, if you can chat away from the main chat window (which you can in an increasing number of casinos), then you can share tips on other good bingo games on different sites. You can increase your chance of winning just by being friendly, which is nice.

Know which sites have an auto-dab feature

You’re always going to be a beginner when you start playing bingo, so any additional help you can get is welcome. It’s useful to know that online bingo games sometimes have an “Auto-dab” feature which marks your cards for you when a number is picked. This helps in the beginning, when you may not know how to quickly dab your own card. It’s also doubly useful as you get bolder and play more, because you can take more cards and leave the software to mark them. That way, you increase your chances of winning without taking on any more responsibility.

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