For an increasing number of people, online casino gaming is a pastime that offers enjoyment, distraction and the chance to win a bit of money. There is a wide and varied range of online casinos available to players, and many people are members of multiple sites. What some people don’t realise is how easy it is to get blocked by an online casino, for good reasons or bad. And while it is simple to find a new favourite casino thanks to sites like, we’d all prefer to have as much choice as possible. So if you can avoid getting blocked, or find a way to challenge an unfair block, it’s so much the better.

Below we will look at some of the main reasons a person can be blocked from an online casino. We’ll also offer some explanations for how to avoid it happening to you, or to respond to any block that is placed on your online casino account.

Too many incorrect password attempts

If you repeatedly attempt to sign into your casino account using the wrong password, the casino will place a temporary block on the account. This means that even if you then enter the correct password, you will be informed that the account is blocked. Casinos do this to ensure that accounts cannot be hacked by “brute force” – this is when a nefarious individual tries to guess your password and manually enters different possibilities until they get it right.

If all of those incorrect attempts are yours, then you need to find a reliable way of remembering the password. Storing it in a spreadsheet using a coded reminder is one way, while you can also let your browser suggest an unguessable password which it then stores for ease of login. If someone has attempted to hack your account, you’ll simply need to request a reset from the casino, which will email a link to your registered address.

You have multiple accounts

If you register more than one account with the same casino, it’s fairly easy for them to find out, and they will block each account at least temporarily. Opening multiple accounts is a popular way to “harvest” bonuses, benefiting from the same bonus more than once and, in effect, stealing from the casino.

You may have a legitimate reason for opening a second account – ie, you had forgotten the original account existed and set up another – but you will not be allowed to maintain more than one account. If someone else in your house sets up an account, they may also be blocked, at least until they can show they’re a separate person – and they’ll have to forego any bonuses when the account is verified, as the rule is usually “one use per bonus per household”.

You’ve won too often

Casinos will lock people out if they often win on bets that are deemed medium- or high-risk. Statistically, it’s rare to win these bets more than occasionally, and if you win often it will be assumed that you are using methods such as card-counting to game the system. While doing this is not illegal, it’s discouraged by casinos and they retain the right to ban you for any reason they like. If you happen to have won a lot of high-value bets by sheer luck, just count your blessings that you’ve profited before losing your account – but there’s little point challenging the ban, as the casino doesn’t have to lift it if it doesn’t want to.

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